Author: Carol Pike

I Promise To……….

Every term features some promise activity after all, it helps the new ones to learn and (should) refresh the memories of those who have already made their promise. The meeting started brightly; Brownies were attentive and participated in a Pow Wow with the majority showing they did know the words of the Promise and Law and could give lots of examples of how to keep their Promise. So far so good…………… Granny Owl introduced the chosen activity for this term, one which was fresh to all of them – the making of a promise torch.  We checked they had...

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Come Fly With Us

Isn’t it amazing what you can fit into an hour and a quarter? After confiscating the fork M had found and was using as a weapon, “Why are you always shouting M at me, Eagle Owl? Is it because I am being naughty?” – yes, they often do know, we were able to make progress and got together for our first Community/World activity of the new term. Once the whistle had been deployed and our agreed unit rules reminded, the Unit actually settled down well and got into things! In a Pow Wow – we started by thinking of...

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Once More Into The Breach?

So 6 short weeks, which felt even shorter due to the regularity with which we have been with many of the Brownies, meant it was finally time to return to the pattern of the weekly unit meeting. As some Brownies had move onwards and upwards, Granny Owl had been pleased that we had finally reduced to her aspiration of 24 Brownies in the unit; soon the steely stare was to be felt as those 2 new ones that had been offered places from the waiting list and those 3 Rainbows moved on in – but 29 is one less than 30, so it could not be denied that the unit size has been reduced……….. With change, it had been decided that it might be a good time to look at mixing the sixes up and also considering how Brownies should behave at meetings. Oh, the ideas on paper and in pow-wow were wonders to behold; being quiet and listening, following instructions and so on………… it may take a little work, make that a lot of work, make that a possible aspirational dream we will never hit, to make that happen as those trusty whistles were required several times. But fun was had, stories were shared, plans were made and the new lot of “senior” Brownies started working cheerfully and with determination on their final Adventure and Go For It...

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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

And so, it arrived! The last night of the term and it finally wound up at the hall as usual because of wet weather which, of course, cleared up and mocked us………. we could have done the park, but it will keep. With the help of 2 grandparents, a b-b-q was organised just outside the school hall and we made smoke, so much smoke, the signals were visible for a good distance – verified by at least 2 other parents. Grandson, and brother of Brownie, was there too and strangely hid in their camper van the entire night –...

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