Author: Carol Pike

O – is for Olden Times

A journey to find out a little of how Brownies have changed over the years was the plan for tonight, with members of the Trefoil Guild invited (as part of the Trefoil Guild Challenge) to talk to the Brownies about their times as a Brownie and Leader. As our guests arrived, any attempt at decorum failed when the cry went up “Urgh, M has dog poo on her shoes”, followed by C wailing “and now I have it all over my hands!” The Owls scattered – to clean the floor, to clean the hands, to clean the shoes whilst...

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Leaders are not stored in cupboards!

The unit is on holiday this week and, contrary to the belief of many a Brownie, Leaders are not stored in cupboards but are real people – who have lives, families, jobs and other demands outside of Guiding. It was just over a year ago when this Eagle Owl decided to try to the Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge – aware that full time caring duties were taking up pretty much every other bit of her life when she was not Guiding, a simple challenge was undertaken – to set aside the time each day to get outside and do a walk of a mile for 60 days. Does not sound a lot, but during that 60 days, her mum was taken into Blackburn Hospital 3 times very ill and fitting in the time was certainly very challenging – cue the midnight walk around the hospital perimeter to get the daily walk in! So walking was done, money was raised and task was accomplished. Winter set in and the cold dark nights put Eagle Owl back to hiding away and being a rather lazy owl to be honest. January came and mum once more was very ill, not expected to live more than a week or two and Eagle Owl was pre-occupied when she made a blase agreement to support her cousin in a 50km walk for MIND in...

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F is for Firework Collages and Fun

The Unit were quite lively tonight as the lure of a half-term holiday beckoned, but never ones to shy away from a badge, the Trefoil (tree-foil 3 leaf clover thingy according to the Brownies) Challenge continued to provide entertainment. Using another section of the challenge and cunningly looking forward to Parliament week as well, the challenge was to create collages to “Remember, Remember the 5th of November”. Asking the Brownies what bonfire night is about, we were confidently told it was when chap tried to blow summat up in London years and years and years ago. One pointed out...

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E – is for Eat It (if you are brave enough)

Never a group to let the lack of a kitchen get in the way of a good food evening, the Unit ploughed on with their challenge and tonight was the Ready Steady Great British Pudding Off. The Owls carefully divided the girls into teams, remembering to separate M, C and N in the hope that progress would be made and, led by the intrepid Sixers/Seconders, each team was issued with identical ingredients with which to create the dessert from heaven. With a great deal of noise, the Sixes set to work. It quickly became apparent that one Six had,...

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R is for Remember to smile in the face of adversity

Ok – we may have wandered slightly off the theme of the challenge during the course of this evening but that happens! The Unit were continuing with the Trefoil Guild Challenge and remembering older people who may be housebound, so the planting of hyacinths had been decided as a way of spreading cheer. We started with one full bag of potting compost, pots and bulbs. Remembering to finish off teamwork from the previous week, the last of the blindfold butties were duly made and, after scraping 10 x the amount of filling which had been supplied to start with off the tables, the fun carried on with a demonstration of how to plant a bulb supplied by N! Once everybody knew how to plant a bulb, everybody set eagerly about planting their bulbs.  Pots were filled with compost, much compost was swept off the floor and returned to the – full bag of compost. Eventually every Brownie had a planted hyacinth – right way up – yes that did take some working out – pot duly labelled and we swept up much compost and returned it to – the full bag of compost. We then played an old game of crossing the crocodile river, which had to be held up several times to sweep the soil covered floor and return it to – the full bag of compost. After...

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