Author: Carol Pike

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

And so, it arrived! The last night of the term and it finally wound up at the hall as usual because of wet weather which, of course, cleared up and mocked us………. we could have done the park, but it will keep. With the help of 2 grandparents, a b-b-q was organised just outside the school hall and we made smoke, so much smoke, the signals were visible for a good distance – verified by at least 2 other parents. Grandson, and brother of Brownie, was there too and strangely hid in their camper van the entire night –...

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Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Sea – The Sunday!

After the usual quality of sleep which accompanies a sleepover – the whispering, visits to the toilet and, for Eagle Owl, the hourly squawk of the radio to check we were ok. Coffee o’clock before wake them up arrived all too soon.  A quick raid of the local McDonalds produced the necessary and after going through revival, it was time for lights up. N brought a very serious complaint to Eagle Owl to start the day – yes, it is true, the leader team were accused of having moved the circus toilets to different corners during the night.  We...

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Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside! – The Saturday!

There’s a famous seaside town called Blackpool, That’s noted for fresh air and fun, And one Saturday in early July, By unit, and pals, it was overrun! Any tears at parting from mum (from one Brownie) were forgotten in less than 5 mins and a coachful of noisy Brownies headed for a sleepover in the circus ring.  Frequent calls of “Are we nearly there yet?” echo’ed around and Eagle Owl generated vague answers which satisfied (even if they translated as – “how do I know in this heavy traffic?”). It was strange how Joscelin Owl knew the names of...

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We didn’t predict a riot!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there comes the point when the Riot Act needs to be read – with a reminder about what Brownies is really about.  Perhaps we should have predicted it, after all a rainy old day had preceded the meeting, but still not what we want. The evening started so well, a squirgle formed quite fast and the Brownies were engaged with finishing off their Disability Badge. Never realised that the odd cartwheel assisted in the learning of the Brownie Promise in sign language, but as they did a very good job of it,...

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Teams and Trips

The meeting was a tale of 2 halves. In the main room Granny Owl and a parent ran (very noisily) an evening of team building and, against a backdrop of laughter, screaming, shouting and what sounded suspiciously like a large herd of elephants on a stampede, I ploughed ahead with the parents meeting as we prepare for our adventure. The parents periodically leapt out of their skins when there was a particular outburst of noise and listened (as attentively as they could) whilst the joys of their little loves heading off on a night away were explained. As the proverbial bundle of forms were circulated, parents filled them in with joy – not saying they are looking forward to their night off but they had come armed with all the suggested information and could not get those forms done fast enough. They accepted, in a relaxed fashion that their precious little bundle is likely to be fairly feral whilst liberated from home and the chances are they will need dunking in clean water on their return home. They have agreed to label all clothing with names so we do not do the ritual of spare knicker identification outside the bus station. They recognise there is only so much tat (err, souvenir shopping) they wish their offspring to do and will limit pocket money. They understand packing light, very light,...

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