Author: Carol Pike

A Snowy Week

Saturday evening saw The Unit head to the theatre for the panto.  As the swarming throng took over the foyer, Owls had to move speedily to get them shifted to seats and the munching of the snacks commenced. The Unit, apart from the singing and dancing, were unusually quiet – absorbed in a great performance and the munching of their many snacks (well it is hard work being entertained), only moving to demand the Owls gained familiarity with every set of toilets in the building. The interval saw the marshalling of the mob for the great ice cream debate but they were moved through without too much delay, much to the amusement of many other members of the public. And perhaps it shows how we can become, as leaders too concerned about how The Unit may impact others as compliment such as “delightful”, “amusing” and well-behaved” were passed along from many. Tuesday came and the meeting saw smaller numbers than usual; a birthday party and heavy snow outside, both conspiring to keep people away. However, with a little juggling of plans the new sixers and seconders were announced, new sixes formed and new names chosen!  A move back to the traditional with Imps, Elves, Pixies and Gnomes. Fun with straws and elastic bands followed, taking up much more time than was expected as each Six attempted to build a...

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The Great Reshuffle

So a new year and not to be outdone by the national Government, the Unit set about completing, belatedly, their Parliament Week activities (that week got a little chaotic as Eagle Owl’s mum had died that morning and she was not able to be there). In a Pow Wow, the Unit worked on trying to remember where they were up to – and strangely every food activity was at the forefront of their memories but, after a little delving, we eventually got there. A lively debate ensued as the Brownies decided how Members of Parliament got their seats – walking seemed a perfectly sensible suggestion to many! But, bit by bit, we worked out that there are elections and the great vote for the Sixers and Seconders was introduced. The first activity was to decide what qualities were needed for a good Sixer or Seconder and quite good lists were prepared although, strangely, many did not see it as part of the role to encourage ALL to help with the tidying up after activities, but rather to just do the job themselves (the Owls soon corrected that view). Knowing what was expected, the nominations were then made for each role and, whilst the rest of the Brownies played a game of cup stack, the nominated Sixers prepared for their speech as to why they would be a good sixer. ...

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Merry Christmas From The Unit Team

So the Unit has broken up for the year and the Leaders have a period of down time to refresh, before planning gets underway for the new year and it is back into action with enthusiastic gang. But last night, Eagle Owl put her tree up and, as she added the decorations, it was a reminder of why volunteering with guiding is so great. As baubles came out of their wrapping and were added, memories flooded back crossing the years. The small felt sewed robin reminded of a session of sewing with many, many Brownies and the repeated patience...

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The Unit Take Over The Bowling Alley

Twas all quiet at the alley when at once, through the door, The Unit did burst and fill up all the floor. A mum bravely made teams, And spread them around, Much racket was to be heard, As balls flew around. The sweet machines tingled, The Brownies all mingled, Drinks and slushies abounded, And yet more noise sounded. And yet the staff beamed, Or at least, so it seemed, Saying The Unit was lovely ………. We have no words for that!!!!!! An hour flew by, And at last, with a sigh, Twas time for goodbye, But sure Christmas will...

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