Perhaps it was the windy weather, perhaps it was the fact we were several leaders down due to DofE volunteers being in the thick of exams and Barn Owl needing to stay at work at the last minute but, despite the fact we were at 20 out of a possible 27, they were wild enough and loud enough to make it seem as if we had 100 or more.

The Theory
Dividing them up, Brownies were going to try learning the most basic of compass skills and to do some more basic cooking.

The Outcome
Do not, repeat – DO NOT ever ask any of them to navigate for  you! Lined up, all facing North and told to walk North equals – one walks in a Westerly direction, on to the climbing equipment which has been banned from use and promptly falls!
4 walk end up walking through shrubbery (in a Southerly direction) and into the School wall.
Granny Owl battled on, but it was very obvious (from the sag of her shoulders) that she was losing both the battle and the will to live.
Sense of direction did not improve.

Meanwhile, over at the popcorn station, Eagle Owl had switched from Plan A of cooking on a small open fire to Plan B……. deploying her Trangia as she suspected it would be slightly less stressful!
The plan was good and, a six at a time, the Brownies came to cook popcorn.
With food being involved, it was apparent the learning was quicker.  After group one removed the lid, accusing Eagle Owl that nothing was actually cooking, to discover that was the point the corn was ready to pop and 30% or so popping straight out of the pan and onto the floor……….. trust was placed in Eagle Owl and the lid kept firmly on.  So, in due course, all Brownies partook of popcorn; some slightly more burnt but all declared tasty.

Whilst the Brownies would have carried on cooking, Granny Owl had had enough. If she had one, her white flag would have been waved and so the meeting ended inside with games; Captain’s Coming continuing to display a lack of direction.

So, to continue or not to continue to try to teach the basic compass points and direction? THAT is the question.