Earlier this year Pat Fawcett of Cambridge St Rainbows, Accrington, celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary.  Pat, now a unit helper with the rainbow group, co-founded the guide unit at Cambridge St back in 1975 with Joan Maden and has been an active member of Girlguiding in Accrington ever since.  She has worked under many guises, at Guides, Brownies and Rainbows and is known as Bluebell to hundreds of girls.

Pat is our gem at 4th Accrington Cambridge street unit , she is an inspiration to us all as leaders /guiders. She has supported us in our roles showing us traditional ways of guiding sharing her knowledge, giving guidance and support.
We would be lost without her! Pat has been a leader in guiding for 42 years.
So we decided to surprise her with a little themed evening to celebrate her Golden wedding anniversary.
We managed to get Hannah, her granddaughter, to bring Pat’s wedding dress in and model it, whilst the  rainbows created their own dresses for the occasion.  We celebrated with cakes and vimto for the toast, with all the rainbows, brownies , guides & leaders.

Angela Topping, leader at 4th Accrington Cambridge St

Pat had this to say about her 42 years of guiding in Accrington

So many memorable things have happened in all my years of guiding . I couldn’t possibly detail  all of them , but one that stands out is when we took the guides to Ingelton youth hostel . One of the guides used a wheelchair . On one of our days out we visited Ingelton water falls.   Working together as a team we succeeded in getting us all to the top.  I shall never forget the joy on her face !
I have always had the help of a very supportive husband .  I’m also very proud that members of my family are carrying on the tradition of guiding.
As I have Sandra ( my daughter -in-law ) Guider in charge Brownies .
Gemma (niece) Brownie leader.
Caity ( grand daughter ) young leader brownies .
Emma ( grand daughter) pack leader .
Hannah ( grand daughter) rainbow leader.
Guiding to me is the satisfaction I get when I see a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide smile when they achieved something and just the pure enjoyment of guiding.

It also gives me great pleasure when mums who were  my brownies now bring their children to Rainbows and say how much they enjoy themselves as Brownies and Guides.