Author: Carol Pike

Spring Into Easter

It was not the warmest Vernal equinox and, as the last meeting before the Easter holiday, hiding inside and doing chocolatey Easter activities was always likely to be a winner. So armed with sugar, sugary items, chocolate and some more sugar (sorry this was a fail as a healthy meeting), Eagle Owl rocked up to a hall of hyper Brownies. Strangely, her suggestion that the leadership team would sit and eat the chocolate in front of the Brownies, to save them contact with a nasty sticky set of substances plus, of course, pass on helpful tips on the best...

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Habergham Discover Hearing Dogs For The Deaf

Habergham Brownies had a visit from Sharon;  lovely lady who spends her spare time volunteering for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. She showed the girls a short film and everyone had a great discussion. She brings her own dog Bruno the chihuahua (not a hearing dog) who is very friendly and brilliant with the girls. Highly recommended for something different for Disability Awareness. She is quite happy to visit other units – so Bruno (and Sharon) may be visiting this page...

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Mission (Im)Possible

Ever had one of those days? You know the day where; the planned visitor suddenly cannot come Granny Owl is off on holiday with the Trefoil Guild Crystal Owl suddenly cannot come due to “affairs of the heart” and you recognise that plan B is just going to have to be devised and implemented at short notice? Well yes, today was just “one of THOSE days”! Charging the cup for coffee and a wander round the house to look at the various accummulated tat (sorry treasured and prized Guiding resource material) and an idea formed! It only needed a...

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Mother’s Day Buttoned Up

After snow inconveniently stopped play last week, the Owls started to worry when they heard quite a few Brownies would be missing due to illness – but why let down those members of The Unit who were bouncing? And bouncing they certainly were! Those without the lurgy landed with an endless supply of energy and a new worry emerged – would they actually sit quietly for long enough to do a Mother’s Day Craft as had been requested some months ago???? It actually appeared the Owls need not have worried – glue, buttons, marker pens and the Brownies went...

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St Cuthbert’s Ski Challenge

The “beast from the East” may yet be to arrive, and the Winter Olympics may be over – but that did not stop St Cuthbert’s Guides enjoying an evening of winter sport fun (in the comfort of their warm hall). The highlight was the ski-ing competition; using homemade skis and poles from cardboard patrols enjoyed competitive racing and a lot of...

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