Ok, we give you are permission – you may laugh!

We should have considered that full moon, but we forgot – and so closed ears, accompanied by loud volume, was hitting record levels.

Triple Boxer started off well! Led by 3 of our older members (under supervision!), even if they were apparently not listening, they could sure rock those moves!
The extended activities, however, were a little chaotic due to the “go for it BEFORE the instructions” mode deployed and instruction 7 now reads “Play as many rounds as you want, or until Granny Owl loses the will to live. If you can work out who won, rewards yourself with a large treat of your choice!”



Moving onward, Competitive Car Parks came out…………… the Brownies decided that for the 10 feelings part, it should be competitive on finding feelings which Eagle Owl could not spell. Ultimately they decided they were sad as they failed to come up with a word to defeat her.
The activity commenced after several false starts – to explain on a rolling basis what was happening ……. yes the reality dawned slowly on pair by pair it might be handy to understand………. and did work.

Brownies agreed that a good Brownie should act in a nice way to others, even if upset or disappointed and learn from failure and mistakes.  They all then went to decorate their car template and write on it a reminder of one thing they were going to try to be a better Brownie (strangely listening to leaders was never suggested – worse luck!)

Meanwhile, a degree of looking at the next mountain of interest badge materials shipped in from home was taking place in one corner, with trophies, certificates, pictures and an impressive dream garden plan being produced for Grow Your Own

Competition notably increased amongst the squirgle as Brownies are all getting the idea they can earn badges!!!!!

At long last, the end of the meeting arrived, the Owls breathed a sigh of relief from a hard, demanding meeting (but one where Brownies did achieve) and departed to seek a rest and recovery period.

One thing is pretty clear, however, The Unit are perfectly happy with the new programme materials and have just taken to them like a duck takes to water!!!!!!