Although we are famed for saying “never again” after so many of our artistic ventures (well the trauma of the glitter night will haunt us for a long time), an upcoming sponsored walk in fancy dress is just too good an opportunity to pass up introducing The Unit to a new skills – bleach dying.

So it was with great bravado that Eagle Owl rocked up tonight with a car loaded with t-shirts, stencils, sticky back plastic, kitchen roll, plastic, scissors and spray bottles of pre-diluted bleach solution.

It would be fair to say that The Unit had a great time! Free rein to design their Caribbean t-shirt and dye the same.  Some got going immediately, some needed a little natter and a wander and the less said about “the 3” the better.

The Owls and helpers wandered around providing assistance and coaxing the natterers and “the 3” to get going.

The time was pointed out repeatedly; the first ones were finishing and ready to spray, the natterers had commenced work and were making reasonable progress but “the 3” were still to make a start……….
Owls started to coax “the 3” who blithely responded they were on with it and it would be fine………..

The very large hall started to smell reminiscent of a swimming pool as the leaders applied their spray and worked on how they would like their finished product to look.

The concentration, not to mention the highly unusual posts adopted by some at this serious stage of the process all provided great amusement.

The clock ticked on! Barn Owl started to take the first of the finishers through to rinse their t shirts and “the 3” decided it may be time to make a genuine start ………………. the Owls got a tad vexed and gave them 5 mins.

Somehow, we may never be sure how, we got to the end of the meeting having, by a miracle of some kind, managed to get “the 3” to the finishing post and in a closing pow wow the Brownies themselves talked about listening to the leaders and it being more fun if you do!!!!

Sadly it was time to say goodbye to a number of people – our wonderful helper of the last year has completed her Duke of Edinburgh volunteering and has to move on due to other commitments.

A Brownie had reached 10 and is moving on to take up a place in a swimming club.

However, it was nice to know how much she had enjoyed her time with us.

Soggy t shirts which, despite a thorough rinse, still smelt reminiscent of a swimming pool were sent home in plastic bags for parents to give a thorough wash and next week a well deserved half term break.