It may only have been a few, but nevertheless 3 intrepid and energetic Brownies joined other Rainbows, Brownies and Guides from Burnley, Lancashire East and further afield at the Girlguiding North West England Energise event in Blackpool.

The packed schedule of lively activities should have left every kid exhausted but nope, in common with the rest, The Unit were full of energy from beginning to end.

With football and netball, and archery too, great fun was had all day.

The cycling kept everyone amused with Eagle Owl doing 30 mins cycling herself (and Granny Owl settling for a 5 min pedal whilst coffee cooled).  And there were certainly and interesting array of bikes to try and, let’s be honest, who cares how many squash on a trike made for one????

P asked if it would be ok to shoot the seagulls (as she has a history of them giving her a “present” in Blackpool) and there was a strange reticence to eat ice cream – until they realised the leaders were paying, when they quickly changed their minds and were not going to be persuaded that they did not like ice cream!

After a fun on the adventure playground and inflatables (where Eagle Owl was happy to have a go too), it was time to head home and, whilst many children have a sing or a game of I Spy on a journey, the little trio (not realising Eagle Owl could hear every word on the seat in front) discussed:
– the pros and cons of ownership of a Fire Brigade Hooligan tool versus an archery set
– who could trump the loudest and longest and, most delightfully of all, what colour sick they would make after all the sweets they had been sneaking – so lovely but mums just took it on their chin that their little cherubs are “delightful”. But perhaps it is nice to spot that they are having a happy childhood where, through Guiding, they can do what they want without feeling pressured.