Precisely 5 mins before our meeting was due to start, the rain started! We suspected it would and plan A was left in the car boot for another week and plan B implemented.

Starting our County Midsummer Mapness Challenge seemed to be a good way to go, although it was agreed that the maps should be left in a car to ensure they had not dissolved within the first 5 mins and thus the grand exploration was undertaken.

Eagle Owl told the Brownies that we would follow the stream to the woods, but omitted to say that we would do that by walking on the side, so little miss enthusiastic got straight in.

Having extractedher, we headed off to the woods and found ourselves (after quite a lot of searching, puddle jumping, saying “hello” to every passing dog, and a bit more stream paddling), fairies, a toadstool and a money tree, all of which made a great place for us to do a little promise activity and remind ourselves of the Brownie story. Although a circle was suggested, it was a squirgle! The social distancing was a headache but clumping was, at least, always only for a minute or so before they were all spread out – again and again and again and again!

As the rain continued to fall, it was time to continue our adventure. Passing the waterfall, we all ran under the boggart’s bridge, remembering to tell him that Brownies are best and continued our deep exploration of the woods. Next up was managing to find the oldest tree and some nice willow weaving.

Energy, and noise, levels remained high so onwards to discover a plaque trail and the long abandoned open air theatre – a great place to explore …. and we “lost” them in their adventures. By now everyone was dripping, but not yet ready to give up. The Brownies continued to gallop ahead, members of the public looking more than slightly startled at the racket being demonstrated.

After a brief detour via the war memorial to try out “twist me and turn me” in the pool of reflection, the Brownies gathered speed as the playground was in sight. The Owls realised that rounding them up was not really going to happen and Eagle Owl came up with another plan of beauty… the parents were, instead, collected from their car and brought in a crocodile line to round their own Brownies up from the playground – it worked a treat!

Thus another night survived but great to have them back!