The shock of arriving to a vastly shrunk space; occupied by Rainbows, an afterschool club, many fidgety Brownies (who were 20 mins early) and a section of the school boarded off for major works triggered one of those sinking feelings.

The shock continued as a perfect circle (not a squirgle) was formed!!!!! The owls wondered if they had landed on a different planet!

It was clear that it was going to be challenging but, for once, The Unit behaved admirably.

They loved first aid!!!! They loved slings, bandages, they loved mummifying a Rainbow or two but most of all, they loved the Resucci Annies!

What joy can be gained from snogging a model person. What glee is to be gained from pushing up and down on their heart between their “boobies” (cue much giggling) and if you don’t like the casualty – well, you can always resort to sitting on them!

So an overcrowded and chaotic evening was managed and skills learned!  We might make a lifesaver or two out of them yet!