Back from their holidays, unlike most units who appear to enjoy sharing what they did on our holidays, pow wow centred around a theme of “who got the worst wound on holiday”.  It was not helped by N, who kept sticking two fingers up at everyone in a most unfortunate way, to show the injuries suffered by shutting her fingers in the car door!  Granny and Eagle Owl were keen to end the blood fest extravaganza and so ushered them on to the planned activities.

Undeterred by the dark grey sky, threatening rain at any minute, the unit were once again going out in the playing fields to enjoy the out of doors and do activity towards their Agility badge. The range of activities seemed fairly simple; parachute games, ball games, sack racing and an introduction to the game of boules. It quickly became apparent that the leader wear should include a deluxe range of protection wear, particularly a tin helmet (as directional skills were somewhat lacking for many of the ball throwers).

Boules, in particular, was a fantastic challenge – the Foxes clearly thought they should be used like grenades, the Squirrels squealed at regular intervals, the Rabbits were fantastic at hitting the tree and the Badgers definitely favoured the fast spin bowl method of Freddie Flintof.  Despite the numerous new and “interesting” techniques, the game was very popular and no injuries were suffered (despite the one who tested boule weight by dropping on it on her bare foot…….). We are still unsure why we had to keep reminding them to put their shoes back on whilst on the field, we are still confused why they further did not get the connection between wet feet and wet grass, we still do not understand why M felt that you could only do any activity properly after swinging in a tree but despite all the odd behaviour, it is fair to say they had a great time and want to do it all again.  As the meeting drew to a close, it was time to round them up and herd them inside, with a long wait for N to get her shoes on whilst still using an unfortunate gesture to explain she was struggling as she could not use that hand. She did think the owls were a bit unsympathetic but perhaps it was because they had seen how well the hand worked when raiding a bag of sweets.

And so, we ushered them home – swapping Brownie jackets, reminding parents (yet again) names help and wondering why one thought a smell test the best way of finding her own.