So, it has been a funny couple of weeks and the blog slipped a bit because “real” life was getting in the way of time for Eagle Owl to sit down after a meeting with the Unit and reflect on events – but that did not mean that life was not going on at meetings in the usual manic, high speed and slightly chaotic fashion – given that any plans made can be so deftly derailed by Brownies on a mission of their own.

Brownies continued to hone their first aid skills – with sights firmly set on getting both Stages 2 and 3 Skillsbuilders for their talents

– and the Owls can only confirm that somehow, bewildering even them, the Brownies pulled it off!

There was plenty of time for other fun too and glow sticks providing an evening of dark entertainment!

And week on week, Brownie badge books accompanied by files bristling with evidence, bags full of home crafted items, trophies and medals appeared as the competition has been fierce to earn the new badges (this new programme is costing a fortune) and, in particular, 2 members carefully focused on their end target – GOLD (under the changeover guidance).

Visits to Guide units, interviews with Guides, arranging activities for other Brownies in the meeting place and sharing news of their visits, trundling in with piles of evidence to gain their sought after badges; with one Brownie stating “it gives me something to do when I am on my own in my bedroom on Sunday afternoons” – the path to Gold was firmly trodden and all targets met, indeed exceeded.

To see how these  Brownies have grown in their time and to see what they achieved has made the Owls so proud – so, as well as decorating Christmas Ornaments, a party game of pass the parcel and party food was organised for the grand presentation.

With this being the last meeting in our hall (before the Owls foolishly take everybody trampolining next week), Christmas presents were also shared and it was great to have so many things to celebrate on one night.

Unfortunately, one of our Gold recipients cannot appear in photographs, but as the badges were presented (into grubby hands still bearing much evidence, despite purportedly having been washed, of the earlier activity), the smiles of pride were so huge on both faces.

This is what Guiding is about and we wish both the girls many more adventures.