Every term features some promise activity after all, it helps the new ones to learn and (should) refresh the memories of those who have already made their promise.

The meeting started brightly; Brownies were attentive and participated in a Pow Wow with the majority showing they did know the words of the Promise and Law and could give lots of examples of how to keep their Promise.

So far so good……………

Granny Owl introduced the chosen activity for this term, one which was fresh to all of them – the making of a promise torch.  We checked they had listened (and knew we were fooling ourselves really) and sent them off to make their torches.

So far so good………….

The youngest and the oldest started to tackle theirs without problem.  Super dad helper and our new LiT were quickly into the action whilst Eagle Owl searched for sellotape ends …… repeatedly…….. and Granny Owl dealt with support for terrifying year 4 set who were finding it too technical!

Some fabulous Promise torches were created and varied greatly in design -whoever bothered following a template exactly????

And does it matter really whether you carry or wear your torch at the end of the day?

Now this is where it all started to go a bit wrong – the youngest Brownies enthusiastically cleared up. A few of the oldest Brownies did a thorough sort of six boxes whilst others, for their final Adventure planned a brilliant game.
Sad to say that year 4 were not up for playing nicely and the riot act got delivered in ever stronger terms until they got sat in a circle and parents listened too.

Perhaps a little more work on the Promise before we get there?