A new year, a new programme, new badges and new Rainbows moving up to The Unit.  With so much new, it was never going to be quiet.

After busy preparation for the new term, with some rather dubious assistance, it was ready to go.

So welcome back and straight into the new programme we launched with gusto.

The Brownies loved looking at the new books and materials.  Eyes started to gleam at the new badges and on finding the new Gold Award, little hands started to stroke the picture lovingly – a scene that alarmingly bore similarities to Gollum and you could virtually hear the whisper of “my preciousssssssssss” echoing around the room.

We could have been lured into believing that anything Gold would bring peace but The Ladder To Gold programme introduction game was to rudely shatter that illusion; it was noisy, fast and furious.

Then a decamp to the grounds to blend the request for a water fight with a Be Well Unit Meeting Activity in the shape of The Water Run. Buckets, water and cups with holes led to much screaming and pleasure. Ever more inventive ways were explored to transport water at speed, although the group who decided to take the full bucket with them were disqualified!

As the Rainbows headed for home, an audience gathered to gape at the spectacle and the message of the activity was clearly understood. Both participants and spectators got quite wet but nobody seemed worried.  Sadly, we only remembered the camera at clear up time!!!!!

As we distributed the new Anniversary badges, the Brownies were full of enthusiasm to do more about water for Africa and, having hoped this would happen (as we have a stash of Water Aid badges to tie in too), Smartie tubes were distributed to help raise some money for this charity.

So the holidays quickly became a distant memory as competition “gain a badge” commenced!