As well as fun and adventure, Brownies have always had an opportunity to learn some skills for life and tonight it was time to look at life saving again, with a recap on fire safety followed by introducing first aid.

So The Unit started by looking back to Fire Safety from just before summer and with the question posed of “What would you do if there was a fire at your house?” proceed to offer their recollections.

“Block the door” – carried out with gusto apart from the one who stood primly and declared “my mother has washed my jacket after pack holiday and I am not getting it dirty…….”
“But what else would you do?”
“Hang out of a window.”
“But what else would you do?”
“Save my family.”
“But what else would you do?”
“Stay near the floor so I don’t breath smoke.”
“But what else would you do?” (tone now becoming slightly frantic and miming use of a telephone becoming evident)
“Err, get out.”
“BUT   WHAT   ELSE   WOULD   YOU    DO?”  (extra large hint now offered by naming Brownie who has a father in the Fire Brigade)
A few moments of pondering, a few moments of shuffling, a few little coughs and finally
“Well we could call the Fire Brigade”

Happily, their recollection of what to do for someone with clothing on fire was far clearer – but probably because it involves the joy of rolling on a dirty floor………. unless you are the one who has decided your jacket must remain clean.

So on to First Aid and a session where we looked at danger, response, airway and calling the ambulance, with some little plays put together and performed by the Brownies…….. probably the most “entertaining” (from a leader perspective)  one being where everybody who arrived on the scene electrocuted themselves………….

A recap was clearly needed and the Owls had decided Eagle Owl should collapse…………..
this was done and poor Eagle Owl was subjected to a stampede where she was shaken, prodded and her feet kicked whilst one child yelled enthusiastically in her ear “IS YER IN THERE?” .

Barn Owl and Granny Owl had a major crowd control session and gradually we were able to continue!

Although their first aid skills were, thus far, traumatising, the Owls moved on to introduction of the recovery position.  At this point, my jacket must remain clean forgot her earlier feelings about the floor and proceeded to roll around!

All Brownies did actually understand and do the recovery position fairly well.

The Owls were glad to see the end of the meeting approach as it was quite a challenging evening and the meeting ended with the tradition squirgle and some more badges handed out.

Next week – a well earned half-term holiday!!!!!!