How much quieter The Unit are when parents are in for the pre pack holiday parents meeting!
Well, as long as you ignore the cartoonlike stampedes too and from the toilets to use the tap!

You see, we Owls had little faith in anything ever growing in the tubs. We know the RHS had said the seeds were sturdy and good growers but having watched the planting methods deployed a few weeks ago, we assumed any seeds had been bludgeoned to death and come up with plan B – the ever reliable cress growing.

So cotton wool and seeds were shared around and planted – with a journey to the toilet to wet the cotton wool, a return trip because they forgot to wet the cotton wool, a return trip because they had brought the cup back without the cotton wool, a return trip becasue they had retrieved the cotton wool but left the cup………………… finally seeds were sown in cups on damp cotton wool!

But what was more surprising was a visit outside to look at the tubs and – miracle of miracles!!!!! There are definitely and unmistakably signs of life!

As The Unit had asked to do some artwork, autumn collages followed – with the usual chaos where they are let loose with both glue and felt tips in the same sitting……………

But fun was had.

Meanwhile, the parents meeting was another event which took those in attendance into the realms of the surreal.
Eagle Owl ran through the usual pre-trip info; itinerary and activities, menu, kit lists, required forms and threw the floor open to the questions from the parents.
Mum one opened her mouth and said
“I don’t know how to put this, but I need to ask a very serious question.”
Wondering where this was going, and was it going to be a real humdinger.
“Do you make them brush their teeth”
Covered the usual that is why it on the kit list and the responses that followed from every parent were truly hilarious.
To sum it up
– not one parent actually expects their child to wash all weekend
– they fully anticipate the soap and towel will remain untouched
– they are not expecting the leadership team to battle on this front particularly as they believe that goes above and beyond the call of duty and will clean their child upon their return (with permission given to apply a wet wipe if a child looks exceptionally bad)
HOWEVER, leaders were given carte blanche to use any means, both fair and foul, to get the kids to brush their teeth.
As long as teeth get brushed at least a couple of times whilst with us, anything else is fair game…………

Conclusion – it is not just the Owls who recognise these kids are wild, the parents know and accept it!!!!!!