Ok, so it isn’t World Thinking Day until the 22nd February but sometimes, if you want to join in with a Region badge, you just have to roll up your sleeves and start early.

And, perhaps as we introduced the topic to the Brownies, it was good to note that a reasonable amount of why Brownies exist has stuck.  They knew an Agnes and a Robert were involved somewhere along the route – so we got the founders, even if a double barrelled surname was a step too far so the role of the Baden-Powells was introduced.  There was a vague recollection of birthdays in February being involved – they were happy to accept it was the 22nd and joint birthdays of Robert and his wife, Olave (even if they had forgotten all about her for a while).  But the bit that really mattered to us was that they knew Brownies had been around for over 100 years and exist all around the world!

So it was suggested we took part in the Region postcard exchange, to get to know other Brownies etc and this was greeted quite enthusiastically – so everyone got busy with templates and pens and, by and by, some lovely postcards were produced – even if the pens missed the table covering and meant some elbow grease had to be applied to move the marks!!!!!

Then came the moment of Crystal Owl, the LiT, taking sole charge for the first time in the leading of a promise activity.  After being fixed with the stare of Eagle Owl, the Unit decided it may be better to co-operate (as Eagle Owl could see the glimmer of mischief appearing in several sets of eyes).  So Eagle Owl stepped back to let Crystal Owl run, just in time to find Granny Owl doing a rather large wobble!!!!  Now Eagle Owl does not like wobbly, green around the gills leaders or children who state they are feeling very unwell – and look it!!!! Luckily a Rainbow Leader was available to run her home before things got worse!

However, having seen the excitement of a poorly Granny Owl, who could have provided entertainment by fainting or being sick, the mischief started to escape and it took quite a battle of wits to keep the Unit in co-operate mode for just long enough to allow Crystal Owl to complete her activity – well done for perseverance and completing when they were in that mode.  Doing a tidy up involving more than one or two of them was never really going to happen – it was visible with the twitching and even getting a game introduced was never going to be easy as very few games feature instructions that total less than 3 seconds in length.  But somehow, a game was kind of played and a tidy up was completed and a squirgle was formed to give out some Adventure badges which were due!!!!

It was one of those nights where Eagle Owl was glad to wave night night and bid the parents good luck  as they took their hyper-active charges home!