My name is Ally and I’m a member of 1st Gisburn Guides. I really enjoy sport and regularly take part in the junior park run in Clitheroe, along with other local children (including other Guides and Brownies) aged between 4 and 14.
On Sunday 30 September 2018 all Rainbows, Girl Guides and Brownies from across the Ribble Valley have been invited to take part in Clitheroe Castle Junior Park Run. The run is a fun event and is not a race; the aim is to encourage children to take part in sport to increase our fitness levels as too many of us, especially girls, do not take enough exercise and it isn’t good for our health. If you do enjoy it and take part regularly, you will find you get fit quickly and this helps if you participate in other sports.
Despite the name, please don’t think you have to run – you can walk as much as you like and some children, especially the very young ones, do walk the whole way. You will not be alone if you don’t run, believe me, so please don’t be put off. As it is not a race, no- one is “last” and there is always an adult tail walker who finishes behind everyone else anyway. You can run with an adult if you want but not your pet dog! I have met a lot of new people through taking part and everyone is very kind and encouraging. If you are from Gisburn you are also likely to see one of your former teachers again as Mr Shepherd and his daughter take part!!
If you register with junior park run you will be sent a bar code which you bring with you and this is scanned as you finish the course. Your time is then e-mailed to you. If you are over 14, so not allowed to take part, you can always volunteer via the junior parkrun website.
The run starts at 9.00 am each Sunday at the Bandstand in the Castle Grounds and is 2 km long; we cover a circuit three times so, whether you run or walk, you are likely to see people you know at some point. If you walk it should not take longer than 25 minutes – less, obviously, if you do run. Afterwards, many of us go to Caffe Nero to have coffee and cake!!!
See you there. Ally
If you need further encouragement, simply remember Nike’s internationally famous
advertising slogan, short and to the point: JUST DO IT