A new term, a new badge – Brownie Skills here we come!

So knots abounded everywhere.
The human knot was a tangle to behold – and holding hands seemed to ensure they would never unravel!
A hoop around the circle without breaking the chain also seemed to cause some highly entertaining maneouvres and a DoE assistant soon realised that you never join a game without checking what it is if you do not know what it is. However, her dignity was retained as she demonstrated a few class moves to get through a hoop far smaller than her.

Into 3 groups to have a go at 3 activities and fun was had making pet ropes, learning to tie their shoelaces properly (although judging by the still frequent reminders to do it, the jury is out on the level of success, but at least the leaders are not having to do them for them now!)

Reef knots with strawberry shoelaces should not be a challenge?  OK we have the world champions in the granny knot!!!!!

But by and by (with a little hopeful thinking) new skills were learned and more games played.

The Division Commissioner popped in and was impressed by the relative quiet on arrival (although that did not last long) and Brownies who had done the Thinking Day walk were very pleased to receive a medal each from her!

3 new Rainbows arrived and L, on her last night before flying up to Guides, showed leadership skills by taking over introductions and introducing Becoming A Brownie Books before an Owl had time to blink (crossing our fingers we can have her back as a Brownie Helper in a little while as she has grown so much in confidence and ability in her 3 years with us).

Of course, there was a smile as they arrived and 3 Brownies shot across the room offering to be their buddies. When asked “is this for the badge” and the response was “of course”, it showed that the perils will do anything for a badge!  (They were all happy after an incredible delay to finally receive their Parliament Week badges!)

So old and new, ever changing but the picture space at the top of page tonight goes to L and her pet rope as we will miss her a lot and her card (below) says it all:

We will miss you too and it has been a pleasure putting up with you and the rest of the little bunch of yellow perils that make up the Unit.