Ever had one of those days? You know the day where;

  • the planned visitor suddenly cannot come
  • Granny Owl is off on holiday with the Trefoil Guild
  • Crystal Owl suddenly cannot come due to “affairs of the heart”

and you recognise that plan B is just going to have to be devised and implemented at short notice?
Well yes, today was just “one of THOSE days”!

Charging the cup for coffee and a wander round the house to look at the various accummulated tat (sorry treasured and prized Guiding resource material) and an idea formed! It only needed a quick veer past a shop for one item as everything else was to hand and, so, with a bit of speedy typing, plan B was prepared.

After a warm up game of marshmallow relay – much enjoyed and utilising that random large collection of chopsticks, the spare dishes (and a quick veer to purchase marshmallows), the hastily prepared code-breaker sheets were produced …… and went down a bomb.

Cracking the code, the Brownies came to quiz Eagle Owl and obtained a teddy bear, newspaper, sellotape and such other random equipment, eg, scissors, as their six boxes could conjure up!

Not only were teddy tents produced, but bedding, eye masks and even a mobile phone!

The Brownie promise was made into code, the teddy bears were made an odd toy or two from the surplus plasticine (which has been nestling amongst the handbooks for over a year left over from… who can remember what).

So plan B was a great success and the bears were much cuddle – well it is not every day they get to see the Girl Scout of America BaB Teddy Bear Collection.

The whistle was able to remain the pocket and despite depleted leader numbers ie, Eagle Owl, 2 DofE and Rainbow Leaders next door, the Unit were pretty easy, albeit very noisy, going for the night (but not sure the parents will enjoy the manky plasticine that was taken home at the end of the night…… well no self-respecting Eagle Owl would have deprived them of it………. it was actually rather horrible!)