After snow inconveniently stopped play last week, the Owls started to worry when they heard quite a few Brownies would be missing due to illness – but why let down those members of The Unit who were bouncing?

And bouncing they certainly were! Those without the lurgy landed with an endless supply of energy and a new worry emerged – would they actually sit quietly for long enough to do a Mother’s Day Craft as had been requested some months ago????

It actually appeared the Owls need not have worried – glue, buttons, marker pens and the Brownies went uncharacteristically calm enough (if not quiet) to do their chosen craft justice.

With great focus, pencils and glue spreaders were wielded for long enough to make a creation their mums should (with any luck) love.

Of course, it could not last for ever and as soon as the craft was complete and carefully laid to one side of the hall in safety, the noise level rose and games were required.

The Owls expected a noisy game to follow so were astonished when Eagle Owl’s car keys were required and a quiet game was played!!!!

Will the new silent order continue?
Can The Unit really do extended periods of relative quiet?

We will see!