The Brownies wanted to grow “something”……. we were not sure what at the outset but ok, they had even suggested outside school as community, so although suggestions had come from old programme, it seemed a good idea to introduce the Badge Book (yes we know they are supposed to be done at home but, where it is girl led etc………) and having got some packets of pretty flowers etc from the RHS (not botanical but if they grow they looked nice and colourful), it was time to do as they wanted, particularly as it seemed bang on theme.

So the carpark was duly invaded with Granny Owl supervising as each Six filled their tub.
“Pat the soil down fairly firmly” translated to “all jump up and down and create concrete”.
“Give it a LITTLE drink” translated to “one teaspoonful should do it” or “let’s drown them” dependant on your Six.
And one member encouraged her group by repeatedly shouting instructions whilst using a bollard as a pogo stick.
Poor flowers!!!!!! They may manage to grow.

When the seeds had finally endured every kind of torture imaginable, the pots were moved to their final position by the entrance door and many tons of spare soil was swept up………. now we watch and wait!!!!!

Back inside, the Brownies gave a little thought to how the plants should be looked after from here on in.
It was decided they may like sunshine and rain, they may like being talked to (or shouted at) and like lots of love……. this will be given every day (poor seeds).  The basic concept was grasped but delivery methods are worrying.

R had brought along her badge book and a large folder. There were notes, many notes and much progress was noted on many badges………. an order form was commenced.
Others got curious and realised that they too, were involved in many other activities – with dancers, performers, charity fundraisers and others, a burning interest started again on the road to Gold………. and the order book filled as Eagle Owl recognised that badges were actually being done seriously and there were going to be a lot for handing out in the very near future…….. this could involve a lot of brass.

With pictures, notes, poems and research…… it is fair to say the badge bug on the new programme is catching.

It was then time for a change of activity and pace so a promise relay was organised……… once the promise had been remembered, teams vied to get their sheet filled in first when members threw a 6 came up.
It was not too much of a surprise that the six who insisted on going together and stopping throwing every time they threw a 6 were soon lagging! Despite being told to throw in a small area, the Rainbow Leader moved quickly to avoid a dice projectile travelling at high speed over a distance of 10 feet or more!

A writhing squirgle brought another meeting to an end – silence was for happening, nor was standing still as too many were poised to go and discuss matters of great importance with their parents; resources required to gain a precious badge and for one, at least, demands to come on pack holiday.

Another week survived!