After the usual quality of sleep which accompanies a sleepover – the whispering, visits to the toilet and, for Eagle Owl, the hourly squawk of the radio to check we were ok. Coffee o’clock before wake them up arrived all too soon.  A quick raid of the local McDonalds produced the necessary and after going through revival, it was time for lights up.

N brought a very serious complaint to Eagle Owl to start the day – yes, it is true, the leader team were accused of having moved the circus toilets to different corners during the night.  We were duly chastised for our naughtiness.

A circus ring is a great place to watch the Brownies develop their life and team building skills as a great view can be had of all, but by providing gentle advice and support where required but not jumping in, the Brownies did manage to do their own packing and clearing up – and now understand why we call things stuff sacks.

Breakfast in the ballroom with a little waltzing and posing was a fancy experience for all. A request for afternoon tea had to be politely declined as it was not felt at £25 a head, we had the budget for this experience for Brownies.

The 4d experience should provide earplugs for leadership teams as the screaming was extreme then the Tower was conquered.  With more screaming and shouting, glass floors were danced on, many stairs ascended and we even spotted Pendle Hill and waved home.  And, as all great trips have a mountaintop moment, a birthday girl made it to the very top deck, let go of my hand and did a victory wave – conquering a long held fear of heights.

A tour of the gift shop, is best not mentioned – but suffice it to say every leader knows the trauma of shopping with small yellow people.  Then after more birthday cake for elevenses, we moved swiftly to our final highlights.

Terrorising many on the promenade and even causing a performer to quake a little, meeting other guiding friends (by surprise) along the way, our determined little party made their way to Central Pier and the family arcade.

Clutching a small bag of 2p’s each, syndicates were formed and steely stares adopted as the Brownies set out to beat the machines! The level of seriousness in the largest casino’s in the world, can never match that of a small Brownie, determined to win a few coins and prize tickets and the enterprising even took advantage of tourists leaving their unwanted tickets behind – determined to amass wealth to exchange for ……………. plastic tat.

Negotiations on exchange of tickets reached levels that make the Brexit brigade look like rank amateurs – never have such serious decisions as plastic wiggly bracelet, glow in the dark wotnot or handful of sweets had to be considered.  So serious were debates that, as Granny Owl, phoned to say she was outside the Lifeboat Station with a McDonalds lunch for all, the party had to be split with some being taken to eat whilst others continued to contemplate. It would appear that the decisions took so long that toilet breaks had to be taken, other tourists lost the will to live and departed and the Owls with party B were wondering if sleeping bags would be delivered but Granny Owl eventually stormed down the promenade and retrieved them all.

Meanwhile, our favourite friends – the Blackpool Seagulls – had realised we were back in town. Swiping a burger from a leader, another from a Brownie and scoring a direct hit on Eagle Owl – they made their presence known.

All too soon it was time for the fun to end. Back to the Tower, baggage collected and coach boarded – the parents were advised we were on our way back.

Burnley bus station saw the parents reunited with tired, happy, grubby little Brownies all clutching their treasures (or tat) and at last the leaders were free to go and seek showers, and a strong drink.


I want to go on Brownie camp!! X

Thank you so much to all involved. N had a fantastic first sleepover and also thank you for making the time to make sure she was ok and letting her cuddle the bear after leaving us upset. I’m glad I pushed her to go because she wouldn’t have wanted to miss it xxx

P had a wonderful time and for making her birthday extra special, thank you so much

E had a brilliant time on her last ever brownie trip thank you so much!!

Thanks so much. G had a fab time. Sorry but she can’t come on Tuesday. Hope you a have a lovely summer break. Thanks for the hard work that you put into running Brownies. Our girls are very lucky!

Thank you to all you wonderful leaders. U do an amazing job and deserve a medal! The kids really do appreciate what you do running these clubs for them without reward but it’s the memories they will keep and share for years to come that makes it all worth while. Thank you.

C absolutely loved the sleepover! Thank you so much xx

Fantastic time. Thank you.

M absolutely loved her 1st sleepover, thank you so much for all the organising and effort you have put in for what will be a fantastic memory

Thank you so much you deserve a medal! M had an amazing time!!

Same time next saturday for another sleep over lol only joking
What his trying to say is thank you, L-R has had a fabulous time.

Don’t bother with the refund. Knock it off next term. L had an amazing time and has not stopped telling us her stories yet.