And so, it arrived! The last night of the term and it finally wound up at the hall as usual because of wet weather which, of course, cleared up and mocked us………. we could have done the park, but it will keep.

With the help of 2 grandparents, a b-b-q was organised just outside the school hall and we made smoke, so much smoke, the signals were visible for a good distance – verified by at least 2 other parents.
Grandson, and brother of Brownie, was there too and strangely hid in their camper van the entire night – 9 years old and appeared scared, very scared of the horde of swarming Brownies.

Everybody was keen to have a go and we were happy to introduce burger flipping as an activity – every Brownie is now prepared for a Saturday job in McD’s. Of course, being our unit, something unusual had to happen, and it did!  For no apparent reason, worms started appearing everywhere, so whilst a couple squealed, other delightedly collected them and gave them names!

Whilst cooking completed, random games were organised – no names, no rules that anyone over the age of 18 could understand, enjoyment levels high.

And after burgers were eaten, drinks enjoyed and clearing up done, the meeting had passed in the flash of an eye.

At this point we, of course, blame the smoke entirely, as a few tears appeared in the eyes of Ellie and leaders as she prepares to leave us and move to Guides.  Ellie has been a particular character, full of energy and thrown everything she has into Brownies plus being a member of the town Pantomime Society.

Thank you and we will miss you too, but hope you have lots more adventures to look forward to.

So, with lots of hugs, gifts and thanks. The Unit year has come to an end, BUT September will be here in no time at all and it seems there is little fear that any of this gang will change their mind about Brownies.