It was not the warmest Vernal equinox and, as the last meeting before the Easter holiday, hiding inside and doing chocolatey Easter activities was always likely to be a winner.

So armed with sugar, sugary items, chocolate and some more sugar (sorry this was a fail as a healthy meeting), Eagle Owl rocked up to a hall of hyper Brownies.

Strangely, her suggestion that the leadership team would sit and eat the chocolate in front of the Brownies, to save them contact with a nasty sticky set of substances plus, of course, pass on helpful tips on the best way to eat a Creme Egg, was not accepted by the Brownies as a good evening, so back to plan A and allow them to have a go.

Showing them the “here is one I made earlier” selection, the gruesome mob started to tear off lumps of fondant icing as they decided on whether to make a chicken or pig (as shown) or go off on a creative route to make a unicorn or “thing” (end concensus was 1 unicorn and 3 “things” – we may never know what the “things” were).

The questions began, very random questions
– “how many legs does the pig need?”
– “does a chicken need wings?” (answer from another “no, they can’t fly, so make a hairbow instead………”)
alongside other intellectual questions and observations (if you are Brownie age)

“Eagle Owl my creme egg is damaged, I need another” met with “Why does the hole have your teeth marks around it then?” on 2 occasions and they were sent away to work with what they had!  Only one genuine broken egg and, with a replacement duly issued, Granny Owl took the hit for the team and ate the wreck!

Easter Day Gardens were also made and, as can be expected, along the manufacturing route for both, many Brownies managed to munch their way through biscuits, lumps of icing and score a few licks of their creme eggs.

And so, with surprisingly little mess (but that may have been due to the amount of munching going on),

plus a lot of concentration, every Brownie duly produced something to take home, with a long, long line of items appearing……….  and the only debate that was left to go on was “……… when can I eat it?” as they made their way home!