And so the end of the Summer term on a fine summer evening.

In the park, the birds were singing and the ducks quietly paddling around on the lake……………. until The Unit, siblings and parents descended en masse.  Any semblance of peace was shattered for an hour or two!

At the boat house, the kayaking instructor demonstrated a skill of being able to deliver a safety talk where every other sentence seemed to be “and if you are quiet and listen, we can get on the water much faster”.

Somehow (we are not sure how), leaders and parents managed to get every small person present in a bouyancy aid…………. be that a Brownie or other, if they were small, they got lashed firmly in and duly wrapped, somehow a mass launch of kayaks (1 and 2 person) and Canadian canoes was completed.

2 hours of wet fun passed in a flash with water battles involving anybody and everybody and a mum sharing with the world news of her “soggy bottom” (she had only come to watch but the lure of having a go had just proved too much).

By some miracle, not one Brownie fell in or capsized!

The great event of the night was the adventure of how many fit in a portaloo!  2 managed and shared with the world news that they even had matching knickers! Leaders and parents could only pretend (for a moment or two) that these strange children were unknown to them.

And so, the year ended with much sunshine and a few soggy bottoms!!!!