We couldn’t miss a meeting for 3 weeks in a row and, with the school unavailable, it was decided to invade Towneley Park instead.
If unleashing the Unit in acres of parkland were not enough, a rash decision to invite a neighbouring unit along was added to mix and so, a slightly duller than of recent, many Brownies (with several brave volunteer parents) descended for an evening of fun.

With a large adventure playground, games bag, trail laying and nest building to try things were busy but to round it off – the making of hot dogs was added to the mix.

The eyes of the eldest Brownie lit up as the portable cooker appeared and she took the role of chef for the evening, only flapping when she dropped the serving tongs in the pan at one point!

Nobody knows for sure what trails were finished or followed but nobody seemed worried.

A brilliant and very active night was had by all and the food declared “brilliant”.

The Guide helper exclaimed “it was brilliant running wild” and the visiting unit plan to invest in their own portable stove and cook much more.

Happy chaos which amused many passing walkers, runners and cyclists!