It may have been a hot, hot night but we were on a mission!
A mission to get that Agility badge finished and, knowing we had plans for something cooling, we ploughed ahead with the aerobic dance session.

After some patient raising of the hand, a toot of the whistle and a slightly raised voice, the rabble gabbled in a squirgle and found out what was going on.

With a view from the rear, it was entertaining to see the total lack of co-ordination and dancing in the wrong direction – and that was just Granny Owl!  One reluctant dancer decided a bit of ballroom at the rear was the way to go with me, so we waltzed round the hall, dancing against the rhythm belting out.

After 10 mins or so of giving this our best, it was time to call time and move on to something else. Barn Owl had been busy quietly filling water balloons and as the playground/field were reached, they were despatched quicker than a camera could leave a pocket, so buckets and sponges become the new tools of choice.  E demonstrated an amazing skill to remain surprising dry, whilst emptying buckets over others. Our Young Leader learnt a vital lesson, never wear a black bra under a white blouse if you are going to join and get wet.

It quickly became a competition as to who could get the wettest and there was no calling time on this competition so all too soon, parents arrived and had to extract (whilst trying to stop laughing), their yellow one from the pack. It was noted that several parents quickly got rather wet as well.

However, one amazing fact had to be seen to be believed. Whilst the Owls walked up and down through the battle, they appeared to be wearing their invisibility cloaks as miraculously nobody chased them and they remained amazingly dry.

Just goes to show how a few £££’s can provide a lot of fun!