It has been a funny old year.
We were never really gone but we were different.
Life moved to a strange world of zoom; less girls and quieter with mum or dad being in the same room!
Must not forget the mute all option either!

It was also fantastic to celebrate the achievements of the Brownies who managed to carry on with their UMA, SB and badge work on zoom as well, with one even achieving her Silver then Gold Award.

Despite being at home, we managed to camp, cook, craft, explore, be detectives and a host of other things!

However, after 14 months, a lengthy risk assessment and a host of other preparation, we finally managed to get back to face to face.

The noise levels increased, the giggling increased and despite pouring rain, it was if we had never been away.
If covid couldn’t stop us, we weren’t going to let the rain get in the way.

So 18 Brownies and their entourage (to the bemusement of the park rangers, took over and got making kites before running wildly and flying them.

The leaders were soaked, covered in sticky tape but it was all worthwhile.

We can truly say The Unit are back and the real adventures will recommence in their usual chaotic fashion!