Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there comes the point when the Riot Act needs to be read – with a reminder about what Brownies is really about.  Perhaps we should have predicted it, after all a rainy old day had preceded the meeting, but still not what we want.

The evening started so well, a squirgle formed quite fast and the Brownies were engaged with finishing off their Disability Badge.

Never realised that the odd cartwheel assisted in the learning of the Brownie Promise in sign language, but as they did a very good job of it, clearly there has to be something in it!
They were so interested, we carried on with the alphabet and signed our names, and even learnt a few simple words!

So, surprising even ourselves, the badge was completed in an air of relative calm (if you ignore the 3 mins it took for them to come together to complete the task).

But that was never going to last……………..

The second half of the evening was games, organised by older Brownies as part of of their final Adventure Badge.  “Don’t like that game, it’s boring” uttered one before she even knew what was planned.  So duly the Brownies started to talk over the organisers etc and be awkward – gentle warning issued and calm ensued.

The leaders encouraged the Brownies organising and helped them identify a few little problems – signing a letter from the far side of the room is not visible even to one with good eyesight so shout the letter too and by and by a game of “Red Letter” was delivered fairly effectively.

Group 2 had decided to play Letters in the Dark – this quickly turned into Letters in the Light when they remembered it was daylight outside and, again, with a few warnings to the most riotous, the game was enjoyed.

Group 3 were invited to start their game, but at the same time, a riot broke out.  Not that they did not want to play the game, well they didn’t know what it was, but it was just one of those moments when, despite having been learning the promise again, manners flew out of the window.

The leaders decided enough was enough and the Brownies were reminded what their promise stood for. We talked about kindness, support and respect ………. and one or two still found it funny UNTIL Eagle Owl suggested that if they couldn’t be nice, she would cancel the sleepover this coming weekend.
At that threat, shock ensued and a full inspection of tonsils could be carried out with ease because the trip is the highlight of this term, what with 3 birthdays to celebrate and so, calm returned to the unit, who then played nicely until the end of the meeting.

Badges were distributed, last minute reminders for Saturday and a letter for an end of term park visit next week and, wondering how rowdy the rabble are going to be this weekend, the leaders headed home for a glass of something stiff.

(and picture chosen this week to show their “livelier” side when, on a recent trip to Blackpool Zoo, they discovered that (a) this ride gave 3 goes for the price of 2 and (b) with a little careful planning, 17 Brownies can ride at the same time.