It was definitely one of those nights!
A night where The Unit were restless, having missed out on playtime at school due to heavy rain.
A night where the energy levels affected their hearing; their ability to comprehend even the most basic request.
A mum stifled her laughter as she joined in trying to tame a circle from a broiling mass.
With grim determination, the newer Brownies were all linked with a Brownie Buddy, Sixers and Seconders sorted out with a little bit of Six shuffling, after a few more moved up to Guides – with one potential Seconder (see the main picture) doing her demonstration of angelic in a bid to gain a precious badge and sought after promotion. We leave you to decide from the face (but her mother laughed hysterically at hearing her daughter’s name and the word angelic in the same sentence………..)

Granny Owl bravely ploughed on with the next section of the Brownie Skills badge and healthy eating.  A game to search for a set of images descended into chaos as one Six cheerfully collected not only their own but those belonging to other Sixes too.  Most were found and the ones hidden in plain view were missed time and time again.  As Eagle Owl stood shouting loudly “are these some?”, the penny dropped with a few Brownies who came to collect, whilst others continued to wander declaring they could not find any.

It was a 2 whistle kind of night, the night where leaders sounded as if they were piping someone aboard, in their bid to get even 2 seconds of silence.

Granny Owl announced she needed paper for an activity and Eagle Owl ran to her car to collect some.  She was gone but a minute or two but returned to Sixes cheerfully seated at tables, oblivious to all but making enough noise to travel several miles and the Leaders sat on the stairs of the Hall.  As Eagle Owl looked across quizically, “We’re on strike”, they glumly said………..

Another blast of the whistle and sufficient peace was gained for a few precious seconds to tell at least a few Brownies what the activity would be and, by some miracle, those Brownies not only got it but managed to persuade the rest to join in………… and they enjoyed it. They enjoyed it so much, they decorated large posters and carried on for so long the game planned for outside (as the sun had appeared) was never reached!

Tidying up was a challenge with one Six suggesting they would carry on and were happy to be locked in school overnight – but we got some semblance of order back in the room (just not sure how).

So the end of the meeting was reached and the next round of chaos ensued as some letters for trips were handed out.  In the midst of the chaos, Eagle Owl presented L-R with a First Aid badge for giving up her Saturday and completing a junior First Aid Qualification, even learning how to use a defibrillator.  Somehow the Brownie closing song was sung (and even sounded reasonable), although the saying of goodnight to each other was disfunctional (and that is saying it kindly).

And finally peace entered the building as The Unit departed and left the last question to be asked, “Anyone for the pub?” because it sure felt like one of THOSE nights.