The first Brownie kind of flew through the door and yelled “I’m excited” which kind of set the tone for the evening with the pack holiday rabble firmly looking towards their weekend adventure with anticipation and looks on faces that were fit to strike fear into the hearts of leaders.

However, in a chaotic kind of way, we still managed to continue on our new programme adventure, this week taking on 2 UMAs; Invisible Bubble and Doggy Language!
After a quick recap on what we had done already, where a meaningful question of “what would Jesus do?” appeared from nowhere meaning leaders had to give a good response on their feet, it was time to try out 2 more new activities.

Both were received well and caused lots of fun and laughter, especially when they were extended to include games.

Invisible Bubble has a serious message about personal space but also worked well extended to a game of tag, where the person being chased could defend themselves by shouting “POP” at the right moment.
Equally, we considered the rights of all animals and incorporated a game of “Can I Cross Your River, Mr Crocodile” which raised the roof in noise levels.

On to Doggy Language, the Brownies had fun learning about dogs wanting a safe space and how to approach/ask about making a fuss of them; equally how to be calm and make it clear they did not want the dog to come to them, if they did not like dogs. A suitable game of Dead Dogs (well which Brownie does not love a gruesome name?) was a great way to finish that activity off.

We then tried for the circle as we had 3 promises to make and somehow, fielding random questions such as “can I bring my wellies” and “my cress is growing”, we managed to achieve those – welcome to our newest members.
L was very proud to receive 2 of the brand new interest badges which she has worked on hard at home and many books had to be updated with progress.

One piece of work for a badge is shared here as it shows how Brownies can give a safe space for a young person to express their views and feelings. The author has had a lot to contend with in her life and her greatest love is the stability she gets from Brownies.  She now sees Sunday afternoon as her time to work on her new Brownie badge book and is determined that her Gold Award will be well and truly complete before Christmas and a move to Guides in new year.

So onwards to a weekend that promises to be fun, challenging, tiring and an adventure in equal measure.